Overview of ELROL Service Offerings

» Airfreight Services

Relying upon our extensive network of partners and our technology tools, we are able to provide air charter services to you as you wish. This service is primed to optimize the cost-time-speed equations effortlessly. We achieve this repeatedly for most types of shipment, to and fro all air cargo ports in Nigeria.

» Sea Freight Services

Same as in the case of our Airfreight Services. We also go the extra-mile to educate our Clients and Prospects on the dynamics of route, freighter and terminal operation and the bearing they have on the cost-time-speed equation.

» Customs Brokerage Services

At all major Nigerian Air and Sea Ports, ELROL is fully on ground to render exquisite services. These result in expedited Customs' clearance and prompt delivery/forwarding of your Import /Export, without hitches. We take full advantage of our expert knowledge of Shipments Classification, constantly updated work-flows and good working relationship with the Nigerian Customs' hierarchy and pre-selected efficient transport/delivery partners.

» Foreign Procurement Services

From requisition to delivery, ELROL renders services including Sourcing, Documentation, Fiscal /Regulatory Compliance, Carrier Charter, Delivery Scheduling, Expediting, Customs Brokerage, Delivery, Temporary Storage and in some cases, Financial Syndication.

» Local Procurement Services

This includes Sourcing, Negotiation of Contracts, Financial Advisory, Quality Management and Delivery Transportation.

» Export Services

In this line, we handle Documentation, Carrier Charter, Customs Processing and Expediting for our clients for export of Agricultural Produce and Solid Minerals. It covers export under ETLS, AGOA and NEPAD initiatives as well as non-specialized exports.

» Project Logistics Services

We provide Logistics input for projects in the Power, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction /Engineering Sectors sited within Nigeria, including door-to-door delivery.

» Channel Distribution Services

These include Temporary Storage, Break-Bulk, Packaging, Delivery, Distribution, Market Survey and Marketing.

» Logistics Consultancy

Riding on the back of our experience and industry network, we are able to offer advisory in the areas of financing, scheduling, routing and service providers. A large part of this service is rendered free-of-charge to our existing clients. This reduces their total costs of ownership, TCO. In addition to this, we also help Clients resolve back-duty issues under consultancy.

How ELROL Assures Quality of Service

Our unique project methodology based client engagement systems ensures full understanding of our Clients’ needs and proper articulation of the most optimum solution sets right from the onset of any engagement. We also endeavour to envisage and prepare for score expansions based on our experiences.
→ A highly motivated hand-picked team of well trained and guided veterans;
→ Fully documented Policies, Process and Procedures for all our services;
→ Template driven workflow system;
→ Services tailored to the recommendations of the EN 16114:2012 EU Standard.
→ SLA-driven client relationships which specify the minimum rights and privileges our clients are entitled to (as in our standard terms and conditions of service or the customized SLA for Special Contracts/Projects).