About Us

The idea to create a service that best understands and fulfills Logistic needs, wants and ambitions of the most discerning clients was hatched a few years ago. The vehicle to fulfill this vision, Elrol Integrated Services Limited was promptly registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, in August Year2011 as RC_972135. The principal objects include Freight Services (Air & Sea); Customs Brokerage; Procurement (Foreign & Local); Export & Import; Project Logistics; Channel Distribution Services; and Logistics Consultancy. In the few intervening years since her incorporation, Elrol, riding on the almost two decades of field experience of its key promoter (Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuma), is already establishing a rave as one company that continually delivers exceptional values across the procurement chain. Elrol operates from a vintage location directly along Nigeria’s premier Airfreight corridor, at No.17 Murtala Mohammed International Airport Road, Ajao Estate, Lagos.

At Elrol, our corporate icon is the COMPASS – that ancient but modern tool that has always helped people navigate both the charted routes and the uncharted odysseys which logistics projects are wont to be! With Elrol as your Compass, you can freely explore the Global Supply Chain horizons, without apprehension about missing your way or missing your money.


As your compass, Elrol works harder and smarter by giving you the following ‘unfair’ advantage:
» Complete Navigational Aide – Before commencing any project, we ensure that our clients are given a clear and complete understanding of the scope and possible scope slides of their Projects.
» A 360° View – We actively engage, learn from and educate our Clients on all issues relating to the possible scope of their operations and our solutions, as a means to improving the quality of their decision-taking and value of their deliverables.
» Full Latitude and Longitude to Operate – We strive to provide a one-stop-shop platform for our clients through partnering with like-minded third-party service providers outside our areas of core

competence.» Magnetism and Natural Pull – We cultivate friendship and deep professional relationships with our Clients, Partners and Regulators alike.
» Measure – We provide regular updates to our stakeholders showing relationship between project plan and project results, with timely suggestions for bridging any gap that may occur.» Pin-Point focus on your Logistics Assignments –We treat your job as the only one we are undertaking.
» Luminosity – We are open and frank in our operations. All our cards are laid face-up to our Clients.


To be a company that best understands and fulfills clients’ logistics needs and wants.


Adoption of professionalism and great strategic framework, including business alliances, in achieving value additions and logistics freedom for all clients.


1. To achieve stakeholders harmony and happiness by continually rendering exceptional services;
2. To offer a plethora of win-win service solutions and provide adequate safeguards against every conceivable risk associated with them;
3. To build bridges of trust and sincerity across our teams, partners and networks;
4. To attract, engage and retain the best human capital possible within our stretched resource horizon;
5. To rapidly identify and infuse the most suitable technologies and innovations available to our industry;
6. To be exceptionally productive and creative in our chosen fields of business; and
7. To continuously adopt the most correct code of ethics, systems, methods and processes in delivering the results desired by our patrons (Clients, Employees, Regulators and Investors alike).


At ELROL, we build our corporate value system around our icon, the C.O.M.PA.S.S:
Commitment – We treat each client as our only one and each assignment as our singular purpose. This level of focus saves our efforts and optimizes our results.
Openness – As unusual as this may be in our current operating environment, we have found this singular value to be a premium to our stakeholders and a definite means of branding our business.
Magnetism – As natural as gravity, we value friendships and bridge-building. This helps us at ELROL to blot out our short-comings and enhance our strengths as individuals and as teams.
Professionalism – Our professionalism extends beyond Skills, Knowledge and Abilities. It places emphasis on the morals and ethics surrounding how we proceed to achieve our deliverables.
Attitude – ELROL People strongly believe that our Attitude is the key to our Altitude. Each of us is trained and highly motivated to be positive and enthusiastic in all our assignments.
Safety – In all our operations, we play safe by placing a premium on safety issues concerning persons, properties and the environment, believing in the maxim “better safe than sorry”.
Sophistication – Deriving from our learning and experience, we cherish the wisdom, confidence, technical depth and speed that accompany the sophisticated Professional that our team players strive to be. We do not appreciate mediocrity!


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