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Customs Brokerage Services

At all major Nigerian Air and Sea Ports, Elrol is fully on ground to render exquisite services. These result in expedited Customs’ clearance and prompt delivery/forwarding of your Import /Export, without hitches. We take full advantage of our expert knowledge of Shipments Classification, constantly updated work-flows and good working relationship with the Nigerian Customs’ hierarchy and other relevant agencies at the port.

Our skilled customs brokers are ever ready to help safely guide your shipments through the complex import customs clearance process into Nigeria. From classification to clearance and post-entry services, our proven processes ensure that procedures are followed properly and regulations and requirements are met the first time. Our team is dedicated to assisting you with anything from the country of origin rules to Harmonized Tariff classifications, to completing the proper customs documentation.


Customs Clearance Services

Elrol offers Customs declaration facilities. Our team of licensed and qualified, experienced Customs declarants provide assistance with simple or complex Customs clearance and declarations. Additionally Elrol can provide a full Customs brokerage service.


With Elrol, you will receive the first of the two experiences, smooth and efficient. We take the experience and knowledge of our entire company to administer exceptional customer care while delivering your products within the given time frame.

Customs Brokerage

Elrol recognises a significant difference between a Customs Declaration on behalf of our customers and providing Customs Brokerage services. Upon prior agreement, our expert team can review your products and apply for appropriate licences, rulings on commodity codes and negotiate all duty tariffs.